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New Citizenship look to import the spending power that persons in retirement can bring in response to offers of immigration rights — often on condition that they are not allowed to compete with the native workforce, which has the votes. The UK, again, is an example. There are other countries that are less dishonest — or their officials are more straightforwardly corrupt — so that their passports are more readily available. In seeking a second citizenship, you should understand that there are many such products on the Taxes.


his program is also designed to put you in control of your own personal and business assets in such a manner that absolutely "nobody" can ever touch, remove, extract, place a lien, sue in court, foreclose, confiscate, attach, steal, divorce petition, or acquire alimony, to mention only a few items. A Second Passport will put you outside of the jurisdiction of any U.S. or State court and proceedings. Jurisdiction is the KEY to freedom. You can learn how to utilize and exploit this to your advantage.


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